Blasting Permits

Blasting Permits can be applied for from the Fire Marshal’s Office, located at 18 Wintonbury Avenue, between 9 am and 4 pm Monday thru Friday. A permit is required before any blasting can take place.

Permit Requirements:

  • Completion of the State of Connecticut Application to Purchase, Transport and Use Explosives. 
  • Map of the Blasting Site. 
  • Copy of valid Connecticut Blasters License. 
  • Copy of valid Blaster’s Liability Insurance. 
  • Permit Fee of $60. (Make checks out to the “Bloomfield Center Fire District”.) 
  • Permit is valid for one (1) month.

Pre-Blast Requirements:

  • Fire Marshal Inspection of the Blasting site. 
  • The blaster shall ensure that all provisions of the Connecticut Explosives Code are met. 
  • Blaster must notify the Dispatch Center at (860) 242-1779 each day prior to any blasting taking place. 
  • Warning signage is required and should be visible to any vehicular traffic in the area.