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It has come to our attention that other fire departments across Connecticut have been victims of a text or email scam.

Bloomfield Center Fire Department DOES NOT sell any type of merchandise. If you receive an email or text offering merchandise, please contact the Department before ordering anything. 


Hebrew Academy Honors First Responders with Lunch

The students of the Hebrew Academy in Bloomfield on 53 Gabb Rd hosted a “First Responders Lunch” at Bloomfield Center Fire Dept for all the first responders in the town of Bloomfield.

Rabbi Eliot Feldman, Head of School, explained how it was a school assignment to give back to those who serve our community. Co-Presidents of the Academy’s Student Council, Nachi Loew and Tamar Schreiber, presented a plaque in appreciation of the services of the first responders.

The students planned the menu, shopped for the food, prepared and served the food for everyone.

It was a huge success and food was delicious. Also, there was an amazing cake made by Yosi Kosher Catering.

Those who attend were extremely appreciative for what the students did for our community. Deputy Fire Marshal Jim Simone, Captain James Colapinto and Assistant to the Chief Tony Laury “stated that is a great to be appreciated for what we do as a volunteer dept, it’s not often people take the time to thank us”.