Bloomfield Fire Auxiliary

 BFD Aux

A Bloomfield Fire Auxiliary (BFA) has been established to support the Bloomfield Center Fire District and its members. The BFA Membership in the Bloomfield Fire Auxiliary is open to family members of Bloomfield Center Fire District (BCFD) firefighters and Commissioners. A family member is defined:

The spouse or child of an active or retired BCFD firefighter or Commissioner

The domestic partner or significant other living with an active or retired BFCD firefighter or Commissioner.

If a member of the BCFD or a BCFD Commissioner does not have a family member available and interested in serving on the BFA, they can nominate someone to become a “Special Member” of the BFA. The Special Member would be on probation for one calendar year, with no voting rights and no ability to serve as an officer on the Bloomfield Auxiliary.  If the probationary year ends successfully, the Bloomfield Fire Auxiliary will vote the Special Member into Active Membership status with full rights to vote and serve as an officer of the BFA. During the probationary period, the Special Member can serve on sub-committees and participate in all events.

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